Bodensterilisation Zur Verhinderung Der Zersetzung Oder Orchideen F3M9 Von N1E2


Description --> Also known as soil powder, it is a kind of chemically stable protective fungicide.
It is not volatile, oxidized and decomposed, and is not easily decomposed by sunlight, acid and alkali.
It remains in the soil for a long time, so that the potted soil will not be affected by bacteria for a long time.
damage Dosage: 1.
Spray: Add 1 kg of water to each bag and spray evenly to the roots.
Root irrigation: add 1 kg of water to each bag for root irrigation.
The above two methods work better every 7 days.
Mixing soil: Each bag can mix 4 kg of soil.
Put in a plastic bag and let stand for 2-3 hours.
Control objectives: The roots of plants rot, such as the wilt of spruce, orchids, chrysanthemums, and rhododendrons, as well as inverted grass, gray mold, and wilt.
notes: 1.
Strictly abide by pesticide safety regulations.
Do not mix with alkaline drugs.
Please store in a dry and cool place to prevent children from eating.
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Bodensterilisation     Zur     Verhinderung     Der     Zersetzung     Oder     Orchideen     F3M9     Von     N1E2     

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